SX7000 Magnifier Steamer Combo

ForPro SX7000 Magnifier Steamer Combo
SKU: 490852

ForPro SX7000 Magnifier Steamer Combo emits ionized vapor to increase blood circulation and promote skin cell regeneration. Adjustable light arm swivels 180°. The main lens is 5X, and within that lens is an 8X  lens approximately 1”. 58”H x 22”W.

Product Specification:
Name: SX7000 Magnifier Steamer Combo
Rated Voltage: 110V/60Hz
Rated spraying amount: 1500ml/hour
Temperature at the steam vent: 210.2°F (99ºC)
Power: 750W Cup volume: 700 ML
Net Weight: 21.16 lbs. (9.6 kg)
Electric shock prevention grade: Class 1

• Magnifier Steamer Combo is a combination of the Ionic Steamer and the Magnifying Lamp.
• The steamer provides professional grade steaming performance. It will automatically detect a low water level and switch off. To restart the unit simply turn the unit off and fill with water, then turn on the unit. The unit will operate normally once it heats up to the right temperature.
• The LED magnifying lamp provides sufficient lighting with very limited power consumption. The life span of LED bulbs are 5 times longer than regular fluorescent lamps.

1. Do not place the device upside down or tilt it when it is in operation. 
2. Do not start the steamer without water. 
3. Clean the water tank frequently. Make sure to turn off the power before taking off the water tank and allow time for the unit to completely cool. 
4. Do not touch the water tank when it is hot. 
5. After each use, discard the remaining water from the water cup and clean the unit. If there is any calcium oxide on the heating wire, remove it with a soft metal brush or by soaking overnight in a vinegar solution. 
6. Do not disconnect the unit with wet hands. 
7. Do not move the unit using the power cord. 
8. Keep out of the reach of children. 
9. Do not use unit near bathtubs, showers, basins or other water-filled containers. 
10. Wait until the unit temperature becomes room temperature before changing water. 
11. If the power cord is damaged, refer to professional technician for repair.

This device has been thoroughly tested and examined before delivery. In case of any malfunction, please call 800-520-6000. Non-authorized repair or tampering will void the warranty