About Us

About Us
ForPro Professional Collection represents the largest assortment of professional products for the spa, massage, manicure and pedicure markets. Every product carries a 100% quality guarantee and is made to the strict standards salon professionals have come to expect.

In addition to offering basic high volume sundries, ForPro is a recognized model of innovation. The brand consistently introduces more new products to the beauty industry than any other company, and it celebrates a long history of producing top-sellers.

ForPro, along with its sister brands be PRO, MassagePro, TISPRO and bebeautiful, are all developed and produced under the parent company of tng worldwide. The brand was launched in 1997.

ForPro Story
Back in 1996, tng worldwide was the No. 3 global distributor for a major nail care company. It was that year that TNG decided to open a new distribution center in Atlanta, GA. So many of the nail care company distributors complained that eventually TNG was cut off.

With thousands of customers still wanting to buy nail care products from TNG, Larry Gaynor decided to launch FPO (For Professionals Only). This was Gaynor’s second foray into the manufacturing business.

FPO brands included PINNACLE, SOHO, Nurture and ForPro, and they grew quickly due to the products’ high quality and low prices. Gaynor was able to keep the prices low because as the manufacturer, he avoided distributor mark-ups and commissions for sales representatives.

When the nail care company came back to TNG in 2009, Gaynor de-emphasized the Pinnacle brand and focused more on accessories. In 2012, FPO was eliminated and ForPro became the manufacturing division.

In 2013, ForPro accelerated product development and added more than 200 products, most of which became best-sellers. Because customers clamored for even more products, ForPro added another 200-plus products in 2014.

Gaynor personally works with his team of in-house designers to bring conceptual ideas to life from start to finish. Production is then taken to one of 50 approved factories throughout the world.

As the professional beauty industry has moved more and more into retail (both Essie and OPI went retail), consumer demand for ForPro products leads the company toward retail in 2014.

Today, ForPro is the best-selling accessory brand in the pro beauty industry. With more than 1500 products, ForPro features the highest quality and best value products in the spa, massage, mani/pedi and hair categories. ForPro is the leading brand in many categories including cotton rounds, massage sheets, foil sheets, nail files and pedi liners.

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