Magnetic Lashes Emma 1-pr. (8 pieces)


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Magnetic Lashes are the perfect fashion statement when it comes to being sassy, prime and proper. And let’s not forget to toss in a little fun at the same time! Made of the highest quality synthetic lash material, each lash contains tiny magnets. Just take two lashes and apply between real lash and presto. No adhesive needed, lashes stay put until ready to remove them! They are reusable.

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Magnetic Lashes Emma 1-pr. (8 pieces) is available to buy in increments of 1

To Use: 
Simply rest the lower and upper magnetic lashes where you would like them on your eyelash line. The magnetics will click together, holding them in place, until you are ready to remove them. 

Q: How do you clean or sanitize magnetic lashes?
A: Lashes can be cleaned by using a Micro-Fiber or Cosmetic Brush, along with a cleanser. Be sure to rinse well, and lay flat to dry.

Q: How many uses do you get from magnetic lashes?
A: The real answer is, unlimited uses! The lashes can be reused until they begin to fall apart. With proper care, they will last you a long time. 

Q: Is eyelash adhesive needed?
A: No. Magnetic lashes eliminate the need for any adhesives.

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