MULTI-CIDE Empty Spray Bottle 32 oz.


ForPro MULTI-CIDE Empty Spray Bottle for housing MULTI-CIDE hospital grade sanitizer and disinfectant.

ForPro MULTI-CIDE Hospital Grade Sanitizer & Disinfectant is a bactericidal, fungicide, and virucidal cleaner. It is EPA registered and effective against athlete’s foot fungus, Aspergillus niger, Hepatitis B & C, HIV-1 and other virucidals. The anti-rust formulation prevents corrosion of implements and hard surfaces. Dilution is 1-ounce per gallon.

• Hospital grade, EPA registered, broad-spectrum disinfectant
• Anti-rust formulation will not corrode surfaces and implements
• Dilutes 1-ounce per gallon
• Good for all uses including:
  • Whirlpool spas
  • Hard surfaces - Countertop, tanning bed, and gym equipment
   • Clippers and trimmer blades
   • Metal implements - Shears and stainless steel implements
   • All other surfaces - Keyboard, door handles, toilet seat, sink, and equipment.
   • Can be used with ForPro Premium PUR Cotton Wipes. Spray on and wipe surface. 
   • Non-metal tools - Brushes, combs, and rollers. Add solution to ForPro MULTI-CIDE Disinfectant Jar and keep immersed until ready to use.
• Color: Ocean blue
• Sprayer Included

This product needs to be housed in plastic bottles, not aluminum or metal of any kind.

Printing on bottle may vary.

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