ForPro Sole Toe Separators, Assorted Colors, Individual Pedicure Toe Separators, 1” W x 1” L 144-Count


• Made from ultra-soft, luxurious foam
• Great for separating toes during pedicure services
• Flexible, convenient, and sanitary single-use
• Recommend to use 2 per foot
• Assorted colors: Rose, aqua, sage, and yellow
• 1” W x 1” L
• 144-count

ForPro Sole Toe Separators are made from ultra-soft, luxurious foam. They are designed to separate toes and prevent nails from touching during pedicure services. They fit comfortably in-between toes and ensure maximum comfort. Toe separators are flexible, convenient, and sanitary single-use. Recommend to use 2 toe separators per foot to ensure maximum comfort.

Assorted colors: Rose, aqua, sage, and yellow.

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Manufacturer TNG Worldwide
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